A Unique Mobile Health Solution

When you need medical help, treatment facilities aren’t always close or affordable. MedCallAssist™ is medical help that’s ALWAYS within reach.

MedCallAssist™ is peace of mind.

MedCallAssist™ offers an affordable, fast, and easily accessible way to get medical help on the go. Armed with our 24/7 expert medical advice, you can be prepared to treat most forms of illness and injury, wherever you are! Whether you’re traipsing through the wilderness, out on the job, or sitting at home, medical help can always be within reach.

Formed by physicians and professionals with a wealth of passion and knowledge in remote medical services and consultation, MedCallAssist™ offers a level of coverage tested in extreme circumstances and perfect for your everyday situations.



Expert medical guidance via phone, email, or mobile app

Just pick up the phone or pull up the app to get in touch with a qualified physician. No appointments, no waiting, no deductible.



Professional-strength, custom medical kits and supplies

Be prepared to promptly and confidently handle the illness and injury common at work or play.