MedCallAssist is Concierge Level Tele-health

Subscribers may contact our physicians, live, anytime, from anywhere or any way that is convenient.  We make it easy;  ensuring excellent patient experiences.  Our teams of Board Certified Emergency physicians, business professionals, and operations staff ensure quality in all that we touch.  Highest level service is the cornerstone of what we do. We employ Emergency doctors, taking dedicated shifts, to give anytime/anywhere access to patients for routine or urgent medical consults. When you call, you are treated well, with patience, kindness, and world-class expertise.

We make access easy with today’s technology, by phone, web, video or photo, and are committed to an outstanding experience for each subscriber.  Seeing a physician can now be convenient, enjoyable and affordable- the way it should be. We encourage utilization and calling when urgent medical needs come up, and our services are well-suited to those traveling in and out of the U.S. Our physicians can call in prescriptions, right away, if the medications are not on hand.

Emergency room claims are the highest, averaging $1200-1500/per visit, across the U.S. (N.I.H.) Providing a much-needed service, and being inolved in local communities, we believe in "doing well by doing good." Our mission is to mobilize your health, with care.