MedCallAssist is based on the ideals of bringing the highest quality healthcare to our patients in the most convenient ways available.

Our telemedicine service is unrivaled for its ease of use and cost savings. Our custom Medkits take this a step further. 

Introducing the MedCallAssist MedKit. By calling our board-certified Emergency room physicians with your MedKit in hand, you will not only have medical advice at the touch of a button, you will also have prescription medications ready to go for the most common ailments. No late night pharmacy trips, no waiting in line to pick up medications. Just call MCA and take the medication, prescribed as directed, and you will be feeling better in no time.

Our MedKits have been designed by our talented team of physicians, to treat a wide variety of illnesses: 

  • Sinus infections
  • fevers
  • rashes
  • UTIs
  • indigestion
  • stomach bugs
  • allergies
  • minor cuts
  • scrapes + more can all be addressed with medications in the kit. 

With such a powerful medical kit at hand, we hope to be able to get you back on your feet quickly. With kits that are prescription strength, we do ask that you call and speak with a MedCallAssist Physician before taking the medications in the kit. We make sure you are taking the right medication for each ailment, as well as checking for any possible drug allergies or interactions for each patient.

To accompany our premium medications in the MedKit, we also offer a full coverage diagnostic kit. This kit will enable to you provide invaluable information to our doctors so they can get a full coverage view of your health when you call. 

Click HERE for a list of items included in our MedKit and Diagnostic Kits.