Consumer Tele-Health

Seeing an Emergency doctor can now be convenient, enjoyable and affordable- the way it should be. Each and every call is treated as utmost priority, with urgency, patience, and knowledge.

MedCallAssist specializes in today’s telemedicine model: 24/7/365 access to a national network of board-certified physicians, electronic health records, phone and video consultations, treatment options, referrals and prescriptions when indicated. Our call coordinators are well-trained and very professional. Everything is HIPAA compliant, and thoroughness is our hallmark. With other telemedicine providers on the market today, our commitment is clear: deliver the highest quality of personalized service, to you, anytime, night or day, from anywhere in the world. Our technology mirrors our ongoing commitment to excellence.


  1.  Dial
  2. Confirm Enrollment
  3. Speak to the Doctor
  4. The Doctor will Advise/Prescribe on your Call.    

For Insurers and TPA’s

MedCallAssist seamlessly becomes part of the company’s integrated health insurance network. Expanding how health plans and payers increase access to care means better access and options for healthcare. Please call to discuss our group options.

  • Real-time reporting to plan administrators 
  • Plan document steerage/consulting, we aim to help increase utilization, saving company money in long run
  • Working closely with TPA's, MedCallAssist offers scalable services, with regards to
    • working with formularies, through our portals and software
    • networks/referrals,
    • video capability
    • reporting and documented savings
    • we offer TPA pricing balance points:  price points for volume, offering incentives if referred by out physicians to the ER, for example, etc...  Please call and talk to one of our TPA specialists for details.
    • MedCallAssist offers supplements to MEC  (Minimal Essential Coverage) plans, and high-deductable           health plans

For Employers

MedCallAssist gives you the ability to offer top-tier healthcare to your employees both at work and at home, as well as their families. Having readily available access to care will reduce time lost at work and increase productivity. Our roster of companies utilize our service well, and we encourage that. Our Emergency physicians work dedicated shifts to answer any question that comes in. Employers find this is a tremendous boost to productivity, while reducing workplace claims. Please call to discuss workplace solutions that are custom to your company's needs.

For Individuals

A MedCallAssist membership is a great accompaniment to your current health plan, or a way to have access to a doctor if you are underinsured. Avoid the waiting rooms and ER’s and get treatment right from your own home.              

We have utilized this service on multiple occasions. Each time, MedCallAssist was there to give us the professional assistance and feedback we needed and assuage our fears at the same time, granting us peace of mind during very stressful times. We certainly endorse and recommend this brilliant, convenient service.
— Significa Benefits Employee, N.J.
We wanted to offer our emplees a practical medical benefit that would allow them to get immediate help for urgent medical needs. We appreciate the outstanding responsiveness of the MedCallAssist service; it is an extremely useful and pragmatic, humane way to offer benefits to our crew.
— C. Kisler, Finnriver Cidery