Frequently Asked Questions

1.     Who is MedCallAssist, LLC? 
MedCallAssist™ is the only mobile health service that accepts emergency and non-emergency calls without an appointment or wait for a physician call back.

MedCallAssist is the most useful telemedicine program in the world. The MedCallAssist, LLC roots are in Alaska, with remote telemedicine consultations to industry, maritime, medevac and native villages starting in 1989. The service gained international clients in 2008 as communications resources improved. In 2010, telemedicine broadened to include small to medium companies, families both remote and urban, and adventure/outfitter groups. Currently, MedCallAssist operates in all of 49 US States, and in 20+ countries.  Health plans, self-insured companies, worker’s compensation plans, individual families, mobile carriers, maritime and remote industries all participate in the MedCallAssist service. MedCallAssist, health care brought to you, always available.

2.     What is Mobile Health (mHealth)?
mHealth (also written as m-health or mobile health) is a term used for the practice of medicine and public health, supported by mobile devices. The term is most commonly used in reference to using mobile communication devices, such as mobile phones, tablet computers and PDAs, for health services and information.

MedCallAssist is mobile health for anyone with physicians accessible anytime, from anywhere.

3.     What is Telemedicine?
Telemedicine is physician guidance over web or phone, based on the patient’s medical history. This emerging field of medicine is also referred to as Telehealth or Telecare. Telemedicine includes a growing variety of applications and services using two-way video, email, smart phones, wireless tools and other forms of telecommunications technology.  Telemedicine is here to stay, for your ease and convenience, yet getting good care.

4.     Who can become a participant?
Anyone is eligible, and we cover the individual, household as well employees of large self-insured businesses.

5.     What Services do you offer?
Our signature service is “MedCallAssist Telemedicine Triage” also known as “MedCall”. MedCallAssist physicians take all medical calls, for any medical reason whether it’s an emergency or nonemergency general medical question. We can use photos, web, video, or phone for any of your incoming calls.  Our physicians will carefully get you on the correct path for your health concern, with professional ‘doctor’ advise, prescriptions and referrals to the appropriate medical provider or specialist in your area.  All records are HIPAA compliant for privacy. All medical encounters are recorded and made available for you, the other physicians and when appropriate for insurance or claim management.   

6.     What is MedCall?
MedCall is a Telemedicine based health care program where you receive access to emergency trained physicians without appointment or call back. The emergency physician’s are always prepared to advise, prescribe and refer over the phone or video. MedCallAssist accepts all emergency and non-emergency medical calls in three easy steps: 

1) Call MedCallAssist, 

2) Your account is verified

3) The emergency physician is conferenced into your call. 

Physician advice, prescriptions and medical referrals are always available 24/7/365.

7.     What happens after you are enrolled?
Your account is immediately active; you only need to call for any medical injury or illness.

8.     How are my medical records maintained?
All records are stored in a HIPAA compliant patient management portal limiting access to authorized health professionals or yourself.  

9.     What does HIPAA Compliant Mean?
HIPAA stands for the “Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996” Visit the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services website for the official guidelines to HIPAA.

10.  Can I access my personal medical records?
You have access to all your medical records 24 hours a day approximately 48 hrs after your call. You have the ability to print, save or electronically send via email to your primary care doctor.

11.  How does MedCallAssist obtain my medical history?
You may enter your basic health information within your Participant Portal or the medical team will collect it when you make your first MedCall. The physician updates the health records and reviews them during each consultation.

12.  What if I have a preexisting health condition?
All pre-existing conditions are accepted.

13.  How can I add a dependent to my account? 
Group Members: Please speak with your health plan administrator.

For Individual or Families Members: You may call MedCallAssist customer care at 877-257-7844 to add all members of your household.

14.  When should I make a MedCall?
Make the MedCall anytime you think you need to see a doctor for any urgent or unanticipated medical reason. All medical calls are accepted including emergency and non-emergency calls. 

15.  What conditions are treated?
You may call for any medical injury or illness. If a specific condition or event requires a specialist for further or immediate evaluation the emergency physician will refer to the most appropriate provider.

16.  Do I need to file a claim with my insurance after making a MedCall?
No, but you may receive refund, rebate or reimbursement from your plan for calling MedCallAssist first prior to going to the ER or Urgent Care. 

If you have called MedCallAssist First and received a physicians referral to the ER or Urgent Care center, prior to going to the ER or UC center, then you should check with your plan administrator to see if your plan offers a reimbursement of your co-pay or deductibles that you paid to visit the ER or the Urgent Care center.  

17.  Where are the physicians located?
All around the US. Each physician is certified and licensed in the state the call originates from. If you are calling from Tennessee the physician will be licensed in your state, and may work at one of your local emergency departments, in addition to working shifts with MedCallAssist. 

18.  Does the physician review my medical history before consultation?
Yes, and they will review it with you during the consultation. On your first call we’ll collect your health information upfront, similar to any physician office and the physician will review your information on the call.

19.  What happens when I make a MedCall?
A live call-coordinator will greet you and verify your membership, and then conference you in with a physician without appointment, or waiting for a doctor callback. The typical connection time is under 90 seconds after your account has been verified. 

The physician will provide advice, prescriptions and referrals when appropriate. The average call time is around 12-15 minutes total. The MedCallAssist physician is your advocate and will assist when you need it most. 

Your consultation is recorded, documented and available to share with your primary care physician or other health provider. You’ll be instructed after your MedCall how to retrieve your health records from your MedCall(s). 

In urgent or emergency situations the physicians will make medical information available immediately to other providers assisting in your care. We follow all HIPAA guidelines in communicating or working with your health information.

20.  Do I have to set an appointment to speak to a physician? No.

21.  Can I make a MedCall from anywhere?
Yes. Anywhere you have phone or Internet service we can assist you. Our toll-free number is for worldwide use. We also have direct dial back-up number available worldwide. See your membership information for direct dial back up number before traveling out of the country. 

Traveling? Call MedCallAssist prior to going out of the country and we’ll help you be medically prepared for the places you are traveling too. We may even have a MedKit to travel with available for you.

22.  Does the physician have a time limit per consultation?
No. The physicians have no time restrictions. The average MedCall is around 12 minutes. When it’s important the doctor and team are 100% attentive to your situation and become your advocate working with other medical providers helping you receive the best care available. You’ll find our physicians are professional, thorough and kind.

23.  Are you required to have health insurance?
No. Although most participants have health insurance in the U.S. there are customers around the world that do not, and we accept MedCall from over 20 countries today.

24.  Will I always speak with the same physician when I call?
No, MedCallAssist emergency physicians work shifts, and will take the call as it comes in. 

25.  What is a Diagnostic Kit?
It enhances a MedCall. MedCallAssist™ makes diagnostic kits for individuals, businesses and remote communities. The Diagnostic Kit is for home use and includes physician approved digital thermometer, wrist Blood Pressure Cuff and 5 Urine Multistix within a bag. Small enough it can be kept in the car or home and travel with the family, so if you have any unanticipated medical event, you’ll always have a physician to assist you.

 26.  Where to keep the Diagnostic Kit?
It’s recommended you have the diagnostic kit while at home, driving, or traveling. Wherever you have a safety kit, you can now include physician approved diagnostic kit and the doctor is included at no charge and always available for any medical reason. 

Note: When using diagnostic medical tools, please use only physician’ recommended diagnostic tools. Using faulty or un-reliable diagnostic tools, may distort the physician’s view of your medical situation.