MedCallAssist is based on the ideals of bringing the highest quality healthcare to our patients in the most convenient ways available.

Our telemedicine service is unrivaled for its ease of use and cost savings. Our custom MedKits  take this a step further. 

Our years of experience working in the field of industrial and workplace medicine have shown that having medical supplies on hand, lead to better incident management and treatment, as well as a healthier workplace for you and your employees. We offer a variety of medical kits custom-tailored to each job site, situation and number of employees.  We also do real-time injury & illness reporting to the company.

The kits we have designed keep each vessel or worksite in compliance with all local and federal Safety Regulations and with Coast Guard requirements for sea-going vessels. They also give peace of mind that you will be able to treat or stabilize most injuries or illnesses until you can get to a higher level of care.

We have standardized kits based on industry and the number of people each kit will service. We also understand that each client has different needs, thus all our kits are customizable and include a consultation with one of our expert team members, to make sure your unique kit will meet any needs you have.

Our combination of world class medical professionals, prescription strength medications and supplies, allow us to provide you with the best healthcare options in the industry. Not only will your kit be able to treat injuries on the job, any sick employee can call in get treatment and medication from your kit that will get them feeling better and back to productivity, in no time. The addition of our incident management and reporting gives you a full suite of medical expertise and service right at hand on each site.  

The below is a list of our most popular kits:

You can see what items we include in our base kits HERE.

Contact us and one of our expert team can customize a kit for you. 
Larger kits are available, please call 1.877.257.7844 or email for more information.