Injury & Illness Management

MedCallAssist provides immediate-access health-care,
custom for any business or workplace.

We work closely with each client in order to ensure a customized plan meets everyone's specific needs.With world-class experience in all trauma levels and centers, our Medical Directors can assist in helping you determine the level of medical or diagnostic equipment your site may require. They can also recommend any of our prescription level medical chests. MedCallAssist staff may provide training on medical equipment and telemedicine procedures, using our latest technology in electronic medical records, our custom app, and equipment we provide.

We continually use the very best of today’s technology in order to benefit your company.  Our physicians will not let you down, when you call with urgent medical needs. No call-backs or waits, just an immediate doctor connection.


  • Flexible billing schedules
  • Follow up and specialty referrals or medevac arrangements, if needed.
  • Company Medical Directorship may be arranged via contract
  • Reports sent to company management, HR, risk management

Caring for patients always comes first. It’s our moral standard; the way we prioritize.
— Eric Stirling, M.D./ Medical Director
MedCallAssist physicians use Centor criteria for determining strep throat. This gets employees back to work sooner, no cost of strep test, and they are great to speak with, It saves time with no doctor visit, no co-pay, no wait, and no trip to the ER.
— P. Owens | Correct Care Solutions
A tremendous help to our crews at sea, knowing they can call MedCallAssist physicians with any needs, day or night. From routine to life-threatening, they are there, 24/7.
— L. Hernandez | Patriot Contract Services LLC