MedCallAssist in the Workplace


One of the most received questions we get here at MedCallAssist, is how can we be an asset to various companies? It’s simple, with our ever evolving tele-health services and custom medical kits, we are able to provide on site and in depth medical care regardless of situation and/or location. For instance, in a corporate situation, many employers have chosen to integrate our service as added benefit to their health insurance provided. Doing so, has enabled many of their employees to use MedCallAssist and obtain same day care and/or prescriptions, that have inevitably cut down on the amount of time employees would normally call in sick and also workplace injury.

In a more remote situation, we also provide medkits suitable for the location and for how many employees need to be covered in the event of an emergency. Again, with remote medical assistance, employers and/or onsite medics have easy access to life saving and stabilizing tools, as well as our on call physician by phone and/or video to help walk them through any procedure or treatment they may need. Not only does this saves lives, but helps employers provide proper safety measure to their employees, where a nearby hospital or other medical facility may not be easily accessible at the time. Many of our clients happen to be fishing vessels, who work out on the open seas for days or even weeks at a time. Often times crew members become ill or even an injury occurs, with access to medical care hours or even days away. With MedCallAssist, we have helped countless vessels via SAT phone provide the proper care to treat illness and life saving measures to stabilize crew members until they can make it back to port all over the world.

What can MedCallAssist do for your company?
               -Prescription level medical chest and resupply

               -MedCall CareCase

               -Medical Equipment and telemedicine procedure training

               -Site visits and consultations

               -Flexible billing schedules

               -Follow up and specialty referrals or medevac arrangements, if needed

               -Company Medical Directorship may be arranged via contract

               -Reports sent to company management, HR, risk management


So what are you waiting for?! Let MedCallAssist aid you in keeping your company happy and healthy, by being an asset today. For more information on MedCallAssist and the workplace, please visit our website at



MedCallAssist at Home: Taking the Panic Out of Parenting


Here’s a scenario for you: One morning you wake up and your little one has the sniffles. You check for fever and determine your little one must just have allergies kicking up again, or perhaps maybe it’s even yourself that is feeling under the weather. You decide to proceed with your day, but by evening, you and/or your little one are feeling worse. Full blown congestion, cough, and a fever. You do everything you can to remedy the situation, but nothing is working and there’s no relief in sight. By now it’s far too late to go see your own physician, let alone, you would probably not even get an appointment until next week. Do you trek out to your local urgent care or ER and possibly wait for hours to be seen, or do you stick it out at home? Sometimes this answer is hard to come by. Even if you were to go to the urgent care or ER, not only would you have to wait, but there is also a chance they would just send you right back home with more Tylenol that you already have on hand. Talk about a wasted and expensive trip, right? I’ve been there myself, many times. Well, now there’s a solution and you can make that decision easily and quickly with the help of MedCallAssist!

Whether you’re at work, on vacation, or even in the comfort of your own home MedCallAssist is there for you. As a mother myself, I can’t even begin to stress how valuable this company is, especially when it comes to my family. One night, I found myself wondering just what to do. We were out of state and celebrating Christmas with my in-laws. So right there, no established physician and with it being the holidays, no way of getting an appointment any time soon. Not to mention, not having much left in our budget for the unexpected. My daughter developed a fever that just would not go down. I had tried everything I knew with over the counter children’s medicine, a cool bath, cool cloths on the forehead, and even chicken noodle soup. Her fever would not quit, but as sick as she was, she also was still very upbeat and wanting to play with her cousins the whole time. Her demeanor did not match with that of being a sick child. Finally, after doing the best I could, I called into MedCallAssist and spoke with Dr. Stirling. We talked thoroughly over her symptoms, what I had already done, and her medical history. I explained our situation and asked him what he thought was best. I surely thought he would say for us to take her to the local urgent care or ER, which I was very prepared to do, but he didn’t. Instead he explained in depth what was going on and viral infections, how to proceed with treatment, and what to look for. That in case things changed, then we would need to take her in. I hung up and did as instructed, giving it a couple more hours and sure enough, her fever broke. Everything he said worked. Not only was my daughter back to feeling better and enjoying Christmas, but that was quite the Christmas gift itself.

Not only do I work for MedCallAssist, I believe in our company and in our licensed physicians. They know what they’re talking about with over 100 years of experience between them, and every day I get to hear the relief in other parents’ voices when they are not only reassured, but truly heard. Our physicians listen and truly care about our patient’s well-being. Right from the comfort of your own home, the office at work, or even on a family vacation, we are there for you 24/7 and 365 days a year! We also provide the MedKit Add-on option for those who feel having medical supplies at home beneficial. It includes the basics of everything, from bandages to antibiotics. Our physicians then go over exactly what medication from your kit to take, how much, and for how long. If you don’t have a MedKit, that’s not a problem. Our physician’s will electronically send prescriptions to your local pharmacy, most ready for pickup within an hour.

So what are you waiting for? Get that reassurance or maybe learn something new about medical treatment in the process, it is so worth it to have such an amazing resource to help keep your family happy and healthy. There’s just nothing quite like having such a peace of mind as many do with MedCallAssist. 



MedCallAssist Answers the Call of the Wild

Wayne and Scarlett Hall | Owners of Bush Alaska Expeditions

Wayne and Scarlett Hall | Owners of Bush Alaska Expeditions

Recently MedCallAssist was put to the test by two of its well-renowned members, Wayne and Scarlett Hall. Together, they run Bush Alaska Expeditions located in Eagle, Alaska. Mr. and Mrs. Hall are known for their wilderness tours and expeditions, taking those who are willing and brave enough, on the adventure of their lives. Not only do adventure seekers learn to mush their own dog sled, but the Halls also teach valuable wilderness survival; and there is no one better to teach such knowledge than the Halls. Those willing to enter Alaska's most treacherous terrain face a multitude of dangerous elements. From extreme weather conditions with temperatures dipping well below zero and many of Alaska's natural predators, to being completely remote and far from any help from outside world. As beautiful as Alaska is, with its lure of natural essence and charm; it is also a place not for the faint of heart. As Mr. Hall can attest to below. 

We asked Mr. and Mrs. Hall to share their story of becoming members, and how they felt MedCallAssist was able to come to their rescue, even in the heart of the Alaskan bush...

Q: Mr. and Mrs. Hall, could you please tell us a little about yourselves?

A: We live in a very remote location. No roads to our cabin, with access by boat in the summer and only by a dog team or snow machine in the winter. We also operate a dog sledding tour/expedition business, that travels in some of the remotest areas of the continent. 

Q: How did you happen upon MedCallAssist and what were your initial thoughts about our service?

A: I can't remember who, but it was mentioned to us by someone in Eagle. Our initial thoughts were this would be "perfect" for the business we operate, if after checking it out and MedCallAssist was legitimate. The type of business we operate has potential for serious accident and/or injury in a true wilderness environment. Also where we live, there are no roads or access to medical care. 

Q: Have you ever been in a situation recently, where you have called upon MedCallAssist? If so, could you please share with us that situation in detail.

A: I have only used MedCallAssist under, in what I consider, an extreme situation. Only twice, over the many years we have been a member with you, both times were extreme. As I write this now, I am under your doctor's, Dr. Stirling's care. Last month I was guiding a dog sled expedition from the Beaufort Sea to Eagle, Alaska. Seven hundred miles, at one of the remotest areas of that expedition, we got into a situation that was life threatening and I froze both feet. Forty-eight hours in frozen boots, with no way to thaw them out. No firewood and trapped on a ledge surrounded with deep overflow water. I don't even think a helicopter could have negotiated the canyon we were trapped in, and probably no rescue would have happened.

Deep into Canada, I was able to contact Dr. Stirling on the SAT phone for his advice. Dr. Stirling 100% understands "bush situations", and his medical orders are practical to the situation. Also years ago, Dr. Stirling composed four personalized medical kits, specifically designed for our operation and our needs. The required medications I needed, were in this kit. Dr. Stirling told me what to do, how to handle the feet, what antibiotics to take, and what pain medications to take. I had to call four times throughout the course of the expedition, and without his help, most likely I would have had to have been medevaced out when we got to the closest place one could have been acquired. With your doctor's medical knowledge of the situation, I was able to complete the expedition. I was willing to lose a toe, but not a whole foot. 

Also, when this expedition was about to depart, I had a possible kidney stone problem. Dr. Stirling sent me the necessary medications, just in case the kidney stone did in fact become a problem and things went bad while on the trail. That didn't happen, but if it had, Dr. Stirling had me prepared for the worst. Two years ago I had a kidney stone at our home cabin. No medical access at our remote location, but he got me through that via SAT phone. If it got serious enough, he also had a medevac waiting in the background. A kidney stone is SEVERE pain, maybe the most important aspect of this to me was his accurate diagnosis of the problem over the SAT phone. I thought I was dying. Knowing I just had to deal with the pain and not impending death, was kind of a relief. He also told me the exact stages of recovery and he was right on. 

Q: How well equipped do you feel MedCallAssist and its staff were able to handle your recent medical needs, and do you feel confident in the care you received?

A: 100% Perfect. One thing that impressed me much was in the above incident, when I froze my feet, I was using a SAT phone that could lose connection at any moment. When the MedCallAssist operator answered, I told her this is an emergency and that I could lose communications at any moment and to connect me with the doctor now/asap. She did not hesitate and I was talking with the doctor in about sixty seconds!!

Q: Would you recommend MedCallAssist to your family, friends, co-workers, and/or others in general?

A: YES! To anyone...anywhere. Especially remote.

Q: Overall, what are your current thoughts and feeling about MedCallAssist and its staff?

A: I don't know how you could improve the way you operate. It's not often you can connect with a REAL bush doctor with bush mentality for the situation.

Q: Mr. and Mrs. Hall, in closing, what would you have to say to others considering a membership with MedCallAssist?

A: A SAT phone, to be able to connect with MedCallAssist is the safest way to deal with an emergency outside the parameters of city life. I would highly recommend to anyone. It also impresses NPS, BLM, and any other controlling agency when you travel on these lands.

As you can see, MedCallAssist can be a valuable asset in anyone's life. Whether you're surrounded by all of life's conveniences in the city or exploring some of the world's most treacherous and remote terrain like the Halls do, we have you covered. We are happy to report Mr. Hall is back home and recovering well from his latest trek. We would like to thank the Halls, for their valued patronage throughout the years and their time in sharing their story. 

For more information about our service and membership, please visit our website.  You can learn more about Wayne and Scarlett Hall, and their Bush Alaska Expeditions via their site at

Alicia C. | Customer Care Manager



Welcome to MedCallAssist!

Let me share with you a little about our company and how you may find it a valuable asset to your life, and/or business as an employer. MedCallAssist is one of the leading telehealth companies available today. Now what is telehealth? Well think of it this way, an urgent care accessible 24/7/365 (even on holidays!) that is right at your fingertips, wherever you are. Whether your at home, at work, or even half way across the world...all you need is a phone or WiFi capable device and you're connected to one of our licensed medical doctors.

Together, our physicians have over 100 years of medical training and experience, and they can easily help remedy most medical concerns or situations. From a common cold that you can't shake, to accidents on the job, we have you covered. Our physicians can prescribe medications and offer medical advice just like your primary care doctor. The only items they cannot prescribe are narcotics. For situations requiring such medications or dealing with serious injury requiring immediate physical medical attention, our physician may refer the patient to their local urgent care or ER. We take all calls.

So how does it work? Simple. When you give us a call, a highly trained medical call coordinator will answer and obtain your basic information: Name, Date of Birth, Chief Complaint, and whether you are an individual member or have a membership via your employer. The coordinator will then pull up your established chart and ask a few more questions to obtain a current medical history. This is important to do, so that we may provide the proper care. All charting is done electronically and is HIPAA compliant, as are our calls. Calls are recorded for quality assurance. However, no personal information is ever given to any third parties or distributed to any unauthorized personnel. These charts help us maintain accurate records of each call/medical issue and can be shared with the patient and/or sent to their primary care physician if need be.

Once we have established the patient's chart, the patient is placed into a private conference with our attending physician. Need to send an image or would prefer to speak with our physician face to face? Not a problem! You can email the image or video call one on one. From there, the physician will ask specific questions to the patient about their reason for calling, current symptoms, and medical history. Together, both doctor and patient develop a suitable treatment plan. We then ask the patient for their pharmacy information. Any medications that are prescribed will be sent directly to their pharmacy and most are usually ready for pick up within an hour. For our industrial clients, we offer this, medical kits, and more. So please give us a call for more information on how we can suit your specific needs.

That's it! Simple and efficient. Anyone can use our service, insured or not. Think about it...a physician available all the time, wherever you are! No waiting or appointments, no unnecessary medical bills, and most importantly...proper healthcare that gets you better fast! We offer memberships starting at 39.95/mo.

Sure I work for MedCallAssist, but I can honestly say I have never worked for a more honest and caring company. We truly care about our clients, their health, their families, and their businesses. More than that, we believe in our service and the good it does for our communities daily. As a mother, I cannot begin to describe how invaluable this service is for me and my family. Every day I get to help someone and every day I see what a difference we make in our clients' lives. From individuals and their families to vessels in the Bering Sea and everyone in between. It is truly rewarding! We hope that you will give a chance to make a difference in yours, so please feel free to visit our website at or give us a call at 877.257.7844 for more information or to start your journey with us today!

Please be sure to follow us here are on Facebook for regular updates, medical advice, and special offers throughout the year. Thank you for visiting MedCallAssist, we wish you all a wonderful day and a happy, healthy life!

-Alicia C. | Supervising Call Coordinator, MedCallAssist