Let me share with you a little about our company and how you may find it a valuable asset to your life, and/or business as an employer. MedCallAssist is one of the leading telehealth companies available today. Now what is telehealth? Well think of it this way, an urgent care accessible 24/7/365 (even on holidays!) that is right at your fingertips, wherever you are. Whether your at home, at work, or even half way across the world...all you need is a phone or WiFi capable device and you're connected to one of our licensed medical doctors.

Together, our physicians have over 100 years of medical training and experience, and they can easily help remedy most medical concerns or situations. From a common cold that you can't shake, to accidents on the job, we have you covered. Our physicians can prescribe medications and offer medical advice just like your primary care doctor. The only items they cannot prescribe are narcotics. For situations requiring such medications or dealing with serious injury requiring immediate physical medical attention, our physician may refer the patient to their local urgent care or ER. We take all calls.

So how does it work? Simple. When you give us a call, a highly trained medical call coordinator will answer and obtain your basic information: Name, Date of Birth, Chief Complaint, and whether you are an individual member or have a membership via your employer. The coordinator will then pull up your established chart and ask a few more questions to obtain a current medical history. This is important to do, so that we may provide the proper care. All charting is done electronically and is HIPAA compliant, as are our calls. Calls are recorded for quality assurance. However, no personal information is ever given to any third parties or distributed to any unauthorized personnel. These charts help us maintain accurate records of each call/medical issue and can be shared with the patient and/or sent to their primary care physician if need be.

Once we have established the patient's chart, the patient is placed into a private conference with our attending physician. Need to send an image or would prefer to speak with our physician face to face? Not a problem! You can email the image or video call one on one. From there, the physician will ask specific questions to the patient about their reason for calling, current symptoms, and medical history. Together, both doctor and patient develop a suitable treatment plan. We then ask the patient for their pharmacy information. Any medications that are prescribed will be sent directly to their pharmacy and most are usually ready for pick up within an hour. For our industrial clients, we offer this, medical kits, and more. So please give us a call for more information on how we can suit your specific needs.

That's it! Simple and efficient. Anyone can use our service, insured or not. Think about it...a physician available all the time, wherever you are! No waiting or appointments, no unnecessary medical bills, and most importantly...proper healthcare that gets you better fast! We offer memberships starting at 39.95/mo.

Sure I work for MedCallAssist, but I can honestly say I have never worked for a more honest and caring company. We truly care about our clients, their health, their families, and their businesses. More than that, we believe in our service and the good it does for our communities daily. As a mother, I cannot begin to describe how invaluable this service is for me and my family. Every day I get to help someone and every day I see what a difference we make in our clients' lives. From individuals and their families to vessels in the Bering Sea and everyone in between. It is truly rewarding! We hope that you will give a chance to make a difference in yours, so please feel free to visit our website at MedCallAssist.com or give us a call at 877.257.7844 for more information or to start your journey with us today!

Please be sure to follow us here are on Facebook for regular updates, medical advice, and special offers throughout the year. Thank you for visiting MedCallAssist, we wish you all a wonderful day and a happy, healthy life!

-Alicia C. | Supervising Call Coordinator, MedCallAssist