One of the most received questions we get here at MedCallAssist, is how can we be an asset to various companies? It’s simple, with our ever evolving tele-health services and custom medical kits, we are able to provide on site and in depth medical care regardless of situation and/or location. For instance, in a corporate situation, many employers have chosen to integrate our service as added benefit to their health insurance provided. Doing so, has enabled many of their employees to use MedCallAssist and obtain same day care and/or prescriptions, that have inevitably cut down on the amount of time employees would normally call in sick and also workplace injury.

In a more remote situation, we also provide medkits suitable for the location and for how many employees need to be covered in the event of an emergency. Again, with remote medical assistance, employers and/or onsite medics have easy access to life saving and stabilizing tools, as well as our on call physician by phone and/or video to help walk them through any procedure or treatment they may need. Not only does this saves lives, but helps employers provide proper safety measure to their employees, where a nearby hospital or other medical facility may not be easily accessible at the time. Many of our clients happen to be fishing vessels, who work out on the open seas for days or even weeks at a time. Often times crew members become ill or even an injury occurs, with access to medical care hours or even days away. With MedCallAssist, we have helped countless vessels via SAT phone provide the proper care to treat illness and life saving measures to stabilize crew members until they can make it back to port all over the world.

What can MedCallAssist do for your company?
               -Prescription level medical chest and resupply

               -MedCall CareCase

               -Medical Equipment and telemedicine procedure training

               -Site visits and consultations

               -Flexible billing schedules

               -Follow up and specialty referrals or medevac arrangements, if needed

               -Company Medical Directorship may be arranged via contract

               -Reports sent to company management, HR, risk management


So what are you waiting for?! Let MedCallAssist aid you in keeping your company happy and healthy, by being an asset today. For more information on MedCallAssist and the workplace, please visit our website at