Medical Kits

Health care brought to you, is the cornerstone of our business. Our Emergency physicians and operations teams are committed to your needs first. We have put together complete home medical kits, as well as diagnostic kits. 


Diagnostic Kit

Our Diagnostic kit puts tools in your hand to assist our physicians in getting you fast, accurate treatment. Gather your vital signs, through our useful tools, before making your MedCall and you will be able to offer the Emergency physician a better look into your current health situation. 



Our MedKit is designed to provide you with a supply of medications to treat the most common ailments that our patients complain of. There are antibiotics, allergy and gastrointestinal medications included. Having medications on hand will save you a trip out to the pharmacy, allowing you to get quicker treatment from the comfort of your own home. 60% of the prescriptions sent by our Emergency physicians are in our MedKit.



Our very best to give you a wide array of items to treat common ailments, and more.