Annual memberships with convenient payment options

When you join MedCallAssist you will have immediate access to an Emergency room physician anytime and from anywhere. There will be no call backs and an appointment is not required. Finally, you have concierge-level medical care, focused solely on your urgent needs, with simply a phone call, video, or email. Our physicians take all calls, real-time.

Insurance is not required in order to become a member. However, check with your insurance provider as some do cover telemedicine costs. HSA's may also reimburse for telemedicine.

How it works: 

All memberships are monthly and are easily renewable annually or on a monthly automatic payment plan. MedCallAssist has invested in a top-rated privacy-protected patient data portal so all of your information is secured. All calls are unlimited, can be routine or emergency, and we record every call. Our physicians will call in prescriptions to your local pharmacy, based on findings and need. Insurance is not required to become a member, but may cover telemedicine.  We have found, once people use our service, they are sold on the convenience, quality and access. There are no access hurdles or barriers, just good, solid medical advice from our physician team.

  • No Waits
  • No Call-backs
  • No lines
  • No appointments
  • Prescriptions when indicated

Travel Memberships

peace of mind from anywhere in the world

Planning to travel within the US, or abroad? Having one of our travel memberships will allow you to take trusted medical care with you, wherever you go. We are able to provide the some great service you get in our regular memberships, as well as help traverse the unfamiliar culture of medical care abroad. We can help get you prescriptions if needed, as well as assist in making arrangements for advance care when needed. You will always have an advocate with vast international medical experience at the touch of button. Peace of mind wherever you go.

Travel memberships are available on a month to month basis and cover you as well as your immediate family members.

Just tried this for the first time and am extremely pleased. This is so convenient but it’s not only the convenience, you feel like you are asked the right questions and being treated appropriately.
— S. Hickman | MedCallAssist Member