Telemedicine offers healthcare insurers the opportunity to integrate on-demand access to quality care into their health plans. 

Expanding how health plans and payers increase access to care means better access and options for healthcare. Seeing a physician can now be convenient, enjoyable and affordable-
the way it should be. 

MedCallAssist specializes in today's telemedecine model: 24/7/365 access to national network of board-certified physicians, electronic health records, phone and video consultations, treatment options, referrals and prescriptions when indicated. 

  • Per-Call Fee Only, MCA paid only on Utilization
  • Experienced Emergency Physicians with deep U.S. experience
  • All Physicians work dedicated shifts, no call-backs
  • Take all calls for all reasons
  • Real-time reporting to Plan Administrators
  • Plan Document Steerage/Consulting Available

As TPA's continue to focus on containing costs for their members, MedCallAssist is a business partner on all levels, for all parties. 

  • Uses plan's prior experience to compare
  • Update in Commission controlled by ability to work together in driving up appropriate utilization while driving down claims costs
  • A proven useful choice for you to offer your clients
  • MedCallAssist commonly reports 40-60% average utilization rates, vs 2-5% industry standard.